From what I’ve gathered (and I’m petrified to Google it), it’s a feminazi thing where they refrain from wearing sanitary equipment when the redcoats invade because fuck the patriarchy.

As I’ve mentioned before, there’s a difference…

So first the dumb ass MRAs take issue with  ”free bleeding” then they are complaining that people who get periods have a problem with being forced to pay for sanitary products.  THIS is a perfect example of the hatred and disdain some men have for those of us who experience monthly menstrual cycles.  You can’t stand the thought that we bleed, then you can’t stand that we would allow ourselves to bleed freely.  Then when we do choose to use sanitary products, you can’t stand the thought that we resent having to pay out of pocket for them.  WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT FROM US.  Shut your fucking mouths already you ignorant scumbags. 

LOL, don’t you love how MRAs act like what our bodies do naturally and what we choose to do about it has ANYTHING IN THE WORLD TO DO WITH THEM OR IS ANY OF THEIR GODDAMN BUSINESS??  Like, get a fucking life.  I don’t sit around thinking about how well MRAs wipe themselves after taking a shit or whatever other private bodily function is their own business.  This just goes to show you how MRAs want to have a full say in what women* do with their bodies; how they think that being men makes them entitled to having an opinion on our anatomy and autonomy.

(*not all women menstruate, not only women menstruate)

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    I’m pretty certain the OP is a woman. But hey, I guess it’s completely fine to misgender someone based on their...
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    I’m, sorry, I have to laugh at ‘Rush your Limbaugh’. I think I’ll use it in real life. Ironically, of course.
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    That’s so unhygienic, you can spread diseases that way, you will destroy all your clothes, you’ll have stains on your...
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    Agreed. Sorry, I guess I have a sort of ingrained hatred towards the genderbread person, lawl.
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