I know as a white person I should "shut up and listen" when a POC is talking and normally I do, but I've seen some Tumblr stuff about how white people are genetically violent, 'not the same species' and should be eradicated, stuff like that (and it's not a joke). I haven't said anything yet, but i feel like "shut up and listen" can't possible apply when factually untrue eugenics stuff is being said, right? Or should I accept that as the truth...?

What I learn when I see those messages is the extent of the anger and pain that people of color have in reaction to white supremacy.  I don’t take it personally or see it as a threat.  It is a form of expression that I completely relate to and empathize with, because the level of violent misogyny I see and hear about makes me see red as a woman, so I understand the kind of agony that being powerless against oppression feels like.  I’m glad there is a forum where oppressed people of all kinds can come and say essentially whatever they want; they can say as much hateful shit about the privileged group that hurts them every day and they will not be punished for it.  Free speech.  It’s a good thing.

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  3. princessvengeful said: Science as expression? Freedom of speech should protect science, not all pseudo science. But here’s the real question, what if you’re Japanese american black latina?? Oh how ever will a mixed person feeel. Maybe they will have mixed emotions
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    TRIGGER WARNING: Ableist Slur ooooh please spare me. PLEASE. first off, “iroquois being imperialistic” LMFAO. second off...
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    May I join in and point out that as violent as the eugenics language you describe is, white people are in no way...
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    I would frigging marry this man if I wasn’t already married.
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    I’m just gonna go ahead and copy-paste one of my previous submissions, since it’s not really worth typing up a whole new...
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    Basically, your point is that because there have been white supremacy groups, everyone has a deep, personal excuse to...
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